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Our clients are at the center – we worked with a wide range of companies at different stages of their lives and in different sizes and industries but they all have something in common: they were all ready to make a leap forward. 


Whether you are a start-up company ready for the next fund stage or a veteran tech company expanding to a new market or upgrading its offer to new and existing company - if you are at a critical time at your company's life - you need a Ninja!

One last important thing: Techninja is a killer Ninja but is basically good, so we don't rent our skills to evil masters - we only work with you if we believe in your cause.


Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

Heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games worldwide, Waves’ cutting-edge software and hardware processors are used in every aspect of audio production, from tracking to mixing to mastering, broadcast, live sound, and more.

Waves offers Native and SoundGrid audio plugins in VST, TDM, RTAS, and AU formats for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton and other popular hosts.

Remunera payment 

Remunera was established with the mission to revolutionize the global corporate meal market and become one of the leading forces in transforming the paper based voucher incentive and rewards industry into a world-class digital solution that provides a very effective response to all the challenges presented by paper vouchers.

NGT3 (Next Generation Technology)

NGT3 (Next Generation Technology) is an early-stage investment entity  structured as a venture capital fund, focused on medical device and life science technologies  and holder of a government franchise to operate a technology incubator for a period of 8 years.

NGT3 enjoys a high leverage (85%) through non-dilutive grant from Israel’s Chief Scientist Office at the Ministry of Economy (OCS).

NGTᶾ has extensive practical experience throughout the spectrum of product life cycle development. From identifying high‐potential technologies, overseeing goal‐directed research and development efforts, to encouraging successive iterations in order to produce innovative products that will be highly valued in the marketplace.


NGT3’s know‐how is present every step of the way, providing a steady experienced hand,  guiding the product’s concept development as it moves and evolves from the early stages of feasibility, preclinical and clinical studies, through to the goal of bringing an innovative, new product to the markets that need it;

NGT3 invests in early-stage medical device/life science start-up companies with a well-defined unmet market need, large potential market, novel technologies with strong IP coverage and strong capable management.

This killer WhatsApp community is designed to give you the hottest tips and online news about what’s going on in every city you visit so that you could party like and with the locals. The killer app is the fact that this happens online and so you get to fill the heartbeat of the cities nightlife while getting more and more benefits from the local community.

OneBill was established in the spring of 2010 in Santa Clara,

a few short years after the sale of Portal Software to Oracle. Portal Software was the technical brainchild of OneBill’s Founder and CEO and a number of our team today. From the word “go”, OneBill’s ambitious dream was to set the bar for billing solutions much higher by going to a SaaS model and moving from “billing” to full-lifecycle “revenue management”.


We attracted experts in the field who couldn’t wait to take up the challenge and dedicated the next four years doing just that.

Today, OneBill enjoys the edge as the company well ahead of the market with our sophisticated yet simple to use solution. We boast functionality that others just don’t have, even our strongest competitors.

One bill

Celleb has combined the world of consumer loyalty with payment and rewards redemption. This unique approach redefines the shopping experience from a single random interaction to an ongoing managed relationship between consumers and merchants.


On the redemption and payment side, Celleb is accepted in thousands of restaurants and other merchants throughtout Israel including over 4,000 restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, Hamashbir Group retail stores and more.  Our partnerships with leading POS providers, paves the way to a broader future coverage. 


On the loyalty side, Celleb has partnered with leading consumer loyalty and retail clubs in Israel with over one million members.


Professional Billing Services is premium electronic medical billing and coding company.

Our medical billing software is on the cutting edge of the medical billing and coding business. E-ZBILL Professional Billing Services is a full practice management company with offices located in midtown Manhattan New York and Charlotte, NC, and whether local or national, we're ready to serve all your billing needs.

Tournish online tourism experts

A Swiss-Israeli Startup Company designed to create a market place for both suppliers and buyers of unique tourism niche products.

Aciety is a curated B2B network of top 10% software development companies in Europe. 200+ companies, 12500+ developers, 500+ million EUR value created a year. - a Network of mid and highest tier European software development companies, which offer complete solutions, exchange their clientele and/or body-lease/sub-contract developers.  Our main job is to match global clients with the most suitable providers for long term projects.

Bingo Blitz by Playtica

Playtika captivates audiences with beautifully produced, highly immersive social games.

They pair art with science-sophisticated algorithms that deliver a pace and rhythm in each game and heighten the thrill of winning. 

jewish airbnb
365 technologies

365 Technologies leverages extensive knowhow and innovative technology that was developed over several years.


The technology platform supports both the B2B payment market and the modern B2C payment market.


The platform’s forward-thinking architecture has anticipated the various needs of operating in many countries and thus offers solutions to related issues such as localization, compliance with local laws and regulations, integration into financial networks and the ability to operate under several business models.


SOSA (South of Salame) is a multi-dimensional platform for Global Startup Ecosystems, founded by the pioneers of the Israeli innovation community. was founded in August of 2015 and is based in the heart of Tel Aviv, the vibrant city that never sleeps in Israel, the world’s Start-Up nation. is a trusted community marketplace intended for members of the Jewish community as a place in which they can list, discover, and book custom accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

KYC station empowers your bank's operations team with lynx, the latest technology driven customer KYC screening solution, based on proven Israeli elite intelligence methodologies.

KYC station
GA active tourism

Gordon Active, established in 1972, is one of Israel’s largest tour operators and is engaged in both incoming and outgoing tourism. Gordon Active is their newest subsidiary and was launched in order meet the growing demand for active holiday experiences that highlight bicycle tourism in Israel.

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