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"I chose the TechNinja and won":

Ninja Credentials

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I have worked with Amir and the TechNinja team on a few of my portfolio companies and I can strongly recommend Amir for creative thinking and branding for start-ups.


Amir’s introduces creative thinking to the process and while he contributes a lot of creativity himself he is also excellent at implanting the rest of the team’s creative ideas and directions. Amir brings excellent visual and verbal capabilities to the table and he makes every word and every image count.


Amir has a unique understanding, not only of the company’s technology and product, but also of all aspects pertaining to the business of running a start-up. I strongly recommend and I’ll be happy to provide more details on DM.

DR. Dan Gelvan

C.E.O T-syte - go med


We contacted Amir and his team before approaching the Swiss banking market in order to focus our company’s core messaging, marketing strategy and to create our

brand’s assets.

Amir worked closely with us on our messaging, very quickly identifying the key to highlighting our value proposition.

TechNinja had also gave us an a solution

in executing crucial deliverables such as presentations, websites, design and branding – at the highest level and in

record time.

I can honestly say it is a pleasure working with Amir and the TechNinja team and I would recommend them anybody - especially to early stage startups. 

Danny Webber

C.E.O KYC station

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Levy Cohen

Chairman 365 technologies

We used TechNinja for presentation for NGT3

 2016 annual event. We presented NGT3 portfolio companies,the fund achievements during 2016

and the plans for 2017.


They build their “killer presentation” for us from scratch – including building the creative concept, designing and copy-writing the presentation slides.

I have to say that the short period of time left for this project was also very challenging - and that they came through for me with flying colors!

Despite the pressure it has been an absolute pleasure to work with TechNinja, they were focused, highly professional and brought great attention to details in all aspects of the project.


That, mixed with some very innovative ideas,

made this important presentation a great success.

I can highly recommend using TechNinja and am positive that both I and the startups

we invest in will work with them again!

If you need any additional information,

please contact me.


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Zohar Gendler

Managing Partner & CEO

NGT3 (Next Generation Technology)

Amir and his team joined the project at a very busy and critical time. They were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to the design, messaging and marketing processes. The quality of their work was recognized and appreciated by other management members, the marketing and technical staff alike.


Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your contributions to our successful implementation and launch of the Celleb brand. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

Eyal Saloniki

C.E.O Celleb

Amir is a great person to work with, and so is the rest of his team. They are bringing expert knowledge, integrity and a very easy to work with approach.


In each of my engagements with Amir, he, myself and the teams involved were able to collaborate very effectively on the project from start to finish. In particular, the end results stood out in my mind and I can honestly say they made a real differense.

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