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we get it done.

TechNinja is our startup – after years of working with a wide range of tech companies at different stages of their lives and in different industries we realized that there is a need for a lean, mean solution that helps them showcase their dream.

We get where you are coming from and so we fight for you, helping you build a winning concept, branding, business plan, connect you with investors and market your startup to the right target audience - taking it to the next level - towards being a “dream” company.

NINJA messaging

We make it our business to know:

learning the subtleties of your business and industry is the most important step towards winning –

we go the extra mile and try to ask a lot of questions before giving any answers.

NINJA marketing

Maximize every opportunity you get:

If you want to become a truly great company your marketing has to do big things even if your budget is small.

NINJA partners

You can’t win the battle without the right allies: The right connections with both industry leaders and top professionals and suppliers are often the difference between loosing and winning.

NINJA branding
and concept

If they don’t care they won’t love:

effective marketing today is all about first winning your audience’s attention and then winning their hearts… we do both!

NINJA Business strategy

It’s the Management skills stupid!

we bring a lot of accumulated experience from working with big organizations to every company we work with.

production value

A true ninja trains all of his life and train hard until he achieves perfection: Winning big is all about doing all the little things all the time.

Want to know more? Give us a call!

We are here for you. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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